A Few of My Favorite Things

There are a few essentials to my daily routine that I cannot imagine living without. Whenever I find a product that I love, I tend to get stuck on it for awhile. Here are a few everyday products that I highly recommend.


1. Smashbox Lip & Cheek Balm: This is perfect for when I am on the go and it gives me the flushed look that I like. I use the Peachy Pink with Golden Shimmer Shade.

2. Moleskin Notebook: I use this for all of my notes. This is great to take on meetings with its professional look and they also offer a ton of fun colors.

3. Gillette Razor: I know this is a men’s razor but it lasts forever and takes awhile for it to become dull. Bye bye razor burn.

4. Under Armor Socks: These are the most comfortable socks that I own. They never slip down and have not faded since I got them months ago!


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