Building a Sales Team Part 2: Training the Art of Sales Conversations


New salespeople spend a lot of time orbiting around awkwardness. They’re not lacking in charisma or intellect – they simply haven’t tried to sell your product. If you want to turn new hires into top sales performers, you have to drill them in the art of sales conversations.

After reading “Building a Sales Team Part 1: Hiring”, hopefully you made the choice to hire kind, resourceful people. Here in Building a Sales Team TISI +% Part 2, I will talk about how you can turn these new hires into skilled sales conversationalists. Based on my experience at Echo Global LogisticsGroupon and EVENTup, I recommend the following approach.   

  1. Provide New Hires with a Master Binder

In Building a Sales Team Part 1, I said to map out sales guidelines based on your own experience: What pitches works? What objections do people raise? What questions lead to useful answers?

Now is that time to deliver that knowledge in one binder that lays out everything it will take to go from cold call to conversion. At minimum, it should include:

a)     A script for sales conversations (more on that in the next section), including pitches, questions, objections and goals for each conversation in a typical sales cycle.

b)     All the little steps including rote processes like setting up a trial account or taking a payment.

c)     Pricing, with zero ambiguity.

Our Master Binder at EVENTup is about 50 pages long, if you want a benchmark.

Read the rest here.


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