Holiday DIY: Jingle Bell Balls

Trying to decorate but every ornament you want to purchase out of stock? I was trying to find the perfect ornament, but no luck getting exactly what I was looking for. I found similar options, but wasn’t impressed. So decided to look into making them myself.

What you’ll need:

1.     Assortment of different sized jingle bells

2.     Hot glue gun

3.     Silver push pins

4.     Styrofoam Balls

5.     Ribbon

You can make these with gold, silver, or colored jingle bells, whichever goes best with your holiday décor.

Step One: secure ribbon at top of Styrofoam ball

Do this by cutting desired length of ribbon and creating a loop. Secure the ribbon at the top of the ball with your thumbtack and then create the loop and secure with hot glue.

Step Two: Start adding the jingle bells

Add the different sized jingle bells to the Styrofoam ball by securing with hot glue. You will notice a few holes, as they won’t completely cover the ball. Don’t worry we will address this later!

Step Three: Fill in the blanks

Once the whole ball is covered with Jingle bells, go back and layer smaller bells on portions where you can see the white Styrofoam.

Step Four: hang on your tree!


This simple DIY takes around 30 minutes per ball (depending on the size you are going for) and adds a the perfect amount of Holiday cheer to your home.


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