My Fashion Picks: 2015 ACM Awards

static1.squarespace-1.jpgI like watching various celebrity award shows because they expose the current trends and styles. The Academy of Country Music Awards was this past Sunday and there were some great styles that I liked. I can see that simplistic pieces are prominent in this Spring’s fashion while being paired with details that make them unique. Here are a few that stood out to me. Disclosure: I am in no way the fashion police.

1.     Taylor Swift: I love this light blue color with the cutouts on the side along with the beaded detail in the front.

2.     Olivia Culpo: White will never go out of style. The flare at the bottom and square neckline keep it simple.

3.     Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2105: This dress is sheer in all the right places, keeping it classy with the intricate beading all over.

4.     Lacey Owen: This is a color that makes her pop, but keeps the dress style simple and not busy.


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