Offline to Online Business Model

The year is 2015 and it is evident that the majority of business is done online. Historically, businesses operated offline in physical stores relying on face-to-face interaction. The advantage to this route allows you to establish personal relationships with your customers, leading to customer loyalty. On the other hand, the offline model eliminates the potential global storefront that an online business delivers.  

The online business structure allows more customers to be reached all over the world and is available as a low cost structure abolishing the investment in retail space. A successful example of this shift in business is seen in the clothing industry. Retailers similar to Threadless or ShopBop have made shopping convenient with click-to-buy products that are shipped directly to the consumer’s doorstep. Other effective examples of this change are online schools such as The University of Phoenix and Kaplan University. Students are now able to obtain a degree online, while never stepping foot in the classroom.

Online capabilities are opportune for businesses to provide convenience to as many users as possible. It is important to make sure enough information and inventory is on the website in order to cater to the majority of your consumers. Pictures, videos, detailed explanations, etc. are great tools to have on your site for the consumers to find what they want right away. The main challenge to this transition is getting the consumers used to this new disruption in the market.

EVENTup is a great role model for a solely online product. We make it easy for the client in California to plan her company’s annual sales conference in New York City while never leaving the state. This is done through the wealth of knowledge presented on the site of each venue and market. An in person venue visit is not necessary when all of the pictures, floor plans, and videos of the venues are online.



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