Organization in the Office


I work in a shared office space so it is imperative for me to stay organized with all of the everyday distractions.  I have gradually found a few practices that help me with this.

I make sure to have a bin of important files and folders that I can lock. I utilize the top drawer for items that I use more often. Paper piles give me anxiety so I try to throw away or recycle unnecessary items. I plug all cords into one power strip so I can avoid a tangled mess. My computer and email are the main source of my daily communication so it has to stay clean. I set filters so emails that are not as important can go straight to a preset folder. Archiving every email lets me look back at past emails allowing me to search by email, keyword or sender. My computer desktop must be arranged in folders and sub folders. Every document has a place! Lastly, delete files you no longer have a need for. This will clean up your computer desktop and give you more space for new documents. These small tips have helped me to establish routines and efficiency in the office.


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