#SmallBizHowTo: Your Sales Questions Answered

Last week, Forbes asked small business owners to tweet their questions about sales under #SmallBizHowTo. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Today, I’m going to respond to two of those tweets with some practical advice. Although each question is totally different, all three touch on a common theme: the challenge of differentiating yourself from the competition.
Is cold calling for new prospects a thing of the past?
No, cold calling is one of the best ways you can differentiate yourself from competitors who are too either afraid or too lazy to get on the phone. When you call a prospect, you ‘show up.’ Even if 95 out of 100 calls don’t result in a sale, you will receive invaluable feedback about your product and will be able to quickly improve your pitch.
Mass emails and social blasts are the digital equivalent of leaving a postcard in everyone’s mailbox. Although personal emails are more effective, they’re still easy to ignore. When you cold call, you might use the same two-sentence pitch every time, but you get to have a two-way conversation with your prospect.
Short of showing up at a prospect’s doorstep, which is costly and inefficient, cold calling is the best tool we have to make an impression and start a relationship. Cold calling won’t die. If you’re not sure how to cold call effectively – or you want some more motivation – check out my post on “The Lost Art Of Cold Calling.”
Starting a business how do you set prices without overpricing and still staying competitive ? 
To set the right prices and be competitive, you must know your market, know your competitors and (surprise) differentiate yourself.

Let me know if you have any others questions, I would love to give you my advice!


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