Technology Companies on the Uprise, Predicting Unicorns


I stumbled upon an article about prosperous companies that are still so new and young. This is so compelling but it is what surrounds us in today’s business realm. Technology based companies are erupting into the market left and right and a handful of them are extremely successful. If only we knew to invest in them from the beginning, but how could we predict that they would achieve such great lengths? The companies that are thriving to top such as Airbnb and Uber, “had the chance to ride an unexpected wave of behavior that was enabled by a surprising new broadly rolled out technology”. These companies applied the necessary technology with what consumers “want now” and it just made sense. “So to predict the unicorns, we need to make some bets on what trends will take us by surprise over the next decade and what will get real big real fast.” Read more on this topic here.


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