The Money Questoin: How to Talk About Price During a Sales Call


Some salespeople talk about prices the way wizards talk about Voldemort in Harry Potter. For reasons that strictly exist in their imagination, price is taboo, so these sellers get ridiculously awkward when the question comes up.

If you can’t talk about price, you can’t make deals. So rather than waffling, “Uhhhh-ing” or saying, “Oh, we’ll have to schedule a separate call to talk about price,” let’s deal with this imaginary problem.

  1. Believe what you’re selling is worth the price

You can hear when salespeople are not confident in their prices. They drop their voice, speak quickly and mutter the price as if it were a dirty word. In desperation and disbelief, they explain at length why you should buy their product. Whether you think your product is priced fairly or not, you have to sincerely believe (or at least pretend) that you’re offering a good deal.

If you think your company sells a junky, exorbitant product, talking about price is the least of your problems.

  1. Know your stuff

“Umm…” is not an appropriate answer to, “What does this cost?” Neither is “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

When you can’t give an immediate answer, buyers gets suspicious. Does she need to check with her manager? Is he trying to inflate my price? Why is this so complicated?

Unless you’re selling 10,000 different products, know the price, know what quantities trigger pricing discounts and be prepared to answer any questions. There are no curveballs. If you sell ads and the prospect asks, “What is the cost per lead?” talk through the math over the phone. If you sell a product with a dynamic market price, just give a range or what a similar company pays.

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